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Hyundai Steel Czech s.r.o. is part of the Hyundai Steel Co. Ltd. family. Three production lines - the Slitter line, Shear line a TWB line play a major role in the company,

mainly by dividing the steel coils either longitudinally into strips or crosswise into sheets. Production tasks are done at the production plant in Gbeľany near Žilina, where 57 employees work. Under the baton of the company, the purchase of a complete assortment of materials takes place according to the needs of its own production.

Formable as steel

No other material is so moldable and solid as steel. Our company is the same. We bend according to market requirements, we improve technology and constantly evolve, but we remain firm in our principles. We care about people and the environment, recycle raw materials and think ecologically.

From a subsidiary to a world leader

Hyundai Steel Czech s.r.o. was founded in 2007, when the construction of the plant began. A year later, our test production was successfully completed and we started full production. The year 2007 brought the company an ISO 9001: 2000 certificate, which makes Hyundai Steel Czech s.r.o. the first Korean company certified in Czech. We are not satisfied with the least, so we are constantly working on the growth of the company.  

Engineering the Future beyond Steel

Hyundai Steel will be your partner offering the best materials that you need to produce your ideal products on the basis of the best technology and quality. That way, our customers can utilize material and can create an optimal outcome by enhancing their product competitiveness.

At a save workplace, our employees will try to achieve their business goal by challenging constantly, and also our employees will grow up as a very capable global people with professionalism and will be an international player in the field of steel industry and Korean economy of the future.

Hyundai Steel will also fulfill our social responsibility growing up with local community, suppliers and partners standing on the basis of fair and transparent competitiveness. Hyundai Steel also will keep creating high quality jobs. In this way, Hyundai Steel will create values which are worth more than steel, and keep making new industrial ecosystem model by coexisting and developing our company.

Count on our services!

Hyundai Steel Czech – company build on steel basis.

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